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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Ds logon help number

Instructions and Help about Ds logon help number

Hello in this video tutorial you are going to learn how to join a client to a domain in Active Directory environment on Windows Server 2022 by searching semi and you are watching this on YouTube channel Peter Christ this is our Windows Server 2022 domain controller which we have configured in our previous tutorial now let us log on to our domain controller with administrative rights let me type down my very secret password okay as usual the server manager opens automatically let me close the server manager first so on the domain controller let us first check the domain name of the domain controller let me open the folder right click on the computer and go to properties here you will find the computer name that is server one and the fully qualified domain name that is server 1.80 coz calm and the domain name is ITC OC calm this is the domain name which we are going to use when we join a client system to a Active Directory domain let me close the system properties ok also close this one also let us check the IP address of the server try click on the LAN adapter icon and click on open network and sharing center after that click on Ethernet this brings up the Ethernet status window click on details here you can see the IP address of the server which is hundred and the subnet mask that is 255 255 255 dot zero as this is a locally configured domain controller we do not require gateway and their dns settings for this LAN now let's close this and also close this now I am going to switch to the client machine to join it with the domain so just hold on for a second oh ok now this is a John which is a local admission for this machine let me type down the very secret password hit enter now click on desktop from the desktop open the folder and click on computer right click and then click on properties this brings up the system properties here you can see the computer name is demo - PC and it is a member of a workgroup before we join a domain let us see few more things minimize the system properties okay and let's open run by pressing windows R type CMD hit enter on the command prompt we are going to ping the domain name which we are going to join so let's type the ping command that is P ing ping space and the domain name that is itz or Z calm okay hit enter right now as you can see I am NOT able to ping the domain name it says ping Lucas could not find the host ID coz calm now we have to check the tcp/ip configuration of this system click on ethernet properties and then click on Internet Protocol version 4 now as you can see the IP.


Why can't I log into milConnect?
If you are experiencing technical difficulties, please call the DMDC Support Center (DSC) at 800-477-8227.
How do I get a DS Logon?
Go to the DS Logon self-service website and click on the More DS Logon Options button. From the choices that appear, select Need a DS Logon? You'll be asked to choose how you want to register. If you have a Common Access Card (CAC) with accessible card reader, select this option.
Why can't I log into my eBenefits?
First, try resetting the password for the account you use to sign in to VA.gov. Reset your password on the My HealtheVet website. Reset your password on the DS Logon website. Reset your password on the Login.gov website.
How do I unlock my DS logon?
How do I unlock a suspended DS Logon credential? To unlock your suspended DS Logon account, you will first need to validate your identity at the DS Access Center web site. After supplying your DS Logon username, you will be asked to answer security questions which you previously set up.
What is a DS Logon account?
The Department of Defense Self-Service Logon, or DS Logon, is a secure, self-service logon ID that allows service members, veterans or family members affiliated with the Department of Defense or Veterans Affairs to access several Department of Defense or Veterans Affairs websites using a single username and password.
What is a DS Logon for Tricare?
DoD Self-service Logon (DS Logon) is a secure, self-service logon ID that allows beneficiaries affiliated with the Department of Defense (DoD) or the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to access several websites using a single username and password.
What is the DS Logon self-service site?
Department of Defense (DoD) Self-service Logon (DS Logon) is a secure, self-service, single sign-on capa- bility created by the Defense Manpower Data Center (DMDC), to provide validation of a user's identity for the DoD and Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) partner web sites.
How do I contact DS logon?
For technical issues and support with DS Logon, contact the DMDC Support Center at (800) 368-3665.
What is DS Login for Tricare?
The DS Logon user ID and password ensures your personal and health information is secure while allowing you the convenience of online access to your health information and self-service tools. To sign up* for a DS Logon account, visit the DS Logon Help Center. TRICARE does not manage the DS Logon program.
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