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Va benefits calculator Form: What You Should Know

Our VA Disability Calculator is designed to help: — calculate your combined rating (how you may be affected by a rating change) and — estimate how much financial assistance you might receive (i.e. benefits, rent, housing, health care, etc.). Note: The calculator estimates an estimate based on your specific rating; it is not able to predict how you will actually be paid. Do your research before applying for VA disability. Our disability rating calculator is designed to help you: — get a more accurate picture of your health and disability — determine if you are eligible to receive disability compensation — identify your eligibility for benefits and entitlements How VA Calculates Your Disability Rating How does VA determine if you qualify for a rating change? The VA will consider the results of your medical assessment and will make an individualized determination of your eligibility for a rating change. The VA will give you specific instructions for completing your medical assessment, or you can find a list of all the medical tests available on the Medical Rating Verification webpage. If you have a rating on file, any rating change will be reported to that rating within 30 days of the rating change. Why do I have my rating on file? VA will not change your ratings without your consent. How does VA determine the date of the next rating? Because VA rating changes require approval from the Secretary, the date of your next rating is determined by when your medical assessment is completed or when your rating is due to be published. For this reason, your next rating date can be up to three years away. In addition, if you receive a rating change, VA will generally begin a new process of rating you. The criteria for each rating change must also be received within 30 days of the change's date. How is VA rating me? The most current information about your ratings are found in your VA healthcare.gov account, under your Personal Information Summary (PIS). The information about your current ratings is called “RATING INFORMATION.” Note: A rating change may also cause changes to your income or insurance coverage. A listing of those changes will be in your PIS after the rating change. Why does VA evaluate me? A rating change may result in either a lower or a higher disability rating. VA will evaluate you when you apply for a rating change to determine if you would be able to live with your rating and continue your benefits.

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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Va benefits calculator

Instructions and Help about Va benefits calculator

I hate when things are purposefully hard to understand. Many of the things around the disability ratings from military service members are just that. If you've wondered how to use the VA disability rating chart or how to determine your rating, you're in the right place. My name is Mitchell Hockenberry and I'm going to provide you with a tutorial on how to determine your VA disability rating. I'm going to begin with the assumption that you have listed out all of your medical issues and ranked ordered them from highest to lowest. If you haven't, be sure to watch my other video on how to find your disability rating, then come back to this one. Okay, so you have your disabilities and you've put a conservative rating next to each and ranked ordered them. Let's go through a math problem so you clearly understand how this works. Then we're going to go through the VA chart and you'll see how the math is more conservative and the chart is easier, but you should see the math problem to know how the chart works. So let's go ahead and get started. Okay, here's what we're going to do. I asked you to basically find each of your disabilities and figure out what that rating is. So we're going to go with the conservative number, if you remember, and we're going to rank order them from highest to lowest. So what I've done is I've looked over here and I've got, here's a disability and here's its rating. You've got disability number 1, let's just call that some skeletal problem that you have, number 2 is some neurological condition you have, number 3, and number 4 doesn't really matter. But what you're going to see is you've got number 1 as...