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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Va benefits calculator

Instructions and Help about Va benefits calculator

I hate when things are purposefully hard to understand and many of the things around the disability ratings from military service members they're just that if you've wondered how to use the VA disability rating chart or how to determine your rating you're in the right place my name is Mitchell Hockenberry and I'm going to pryou with a tutorial on how to determine your va disability rating Music I'm going to begin with the assumption that you have listed out all of your medical issues and rank ordered them from the highest to the lowest if you haven't be sure to watch my other video on how to find your disability rating then come back over to this one okay so you have your disabilities and you've put a conservative rating next to each and then rank ordered them let's go through a math problem so you clearly understand how this works then we're gonna go through the VA chart and you'll see how the math is more conservative and the chart is easier but you should see the math problem to know how the chart works so let's go ahead and get started okay so here's what we're going to do I asked you to basically find each of your disabilities and figure out what that rating is so we're gonna go with the conservative number if you remember and we're gonna rank order them from highest to lowest so what I've done is I've looked over here and I've got here's a disability and here's its rating and you've got disability number 1 let's just call that some skeletal problem that you have number 2 is some neurological condition you have number 3 and number 4 doesn't really matter but what you're gonna see is you've got number 1 as a 30% rating at 2022 and it's henwy rank order them from highest to lowest so I'm a scroll down here's the uninformed method for those that didn't listen to my last video please do go back I've already said that but here's what a lot of people think same things 30 20 10 equals 70% okay I am 70% disabled that is wrong they're not 70 percent disabled I'm going to take you through the mathematical portion of this and then we're going to go over to the VA benefits website and I'll show you how to use the tables so this correct method the first thing that we're going to do so if you remember 30 percent is number one so I'm going to take you as one hundred percent able times 0.7 now your 30% disability a lot of people will just subtract us out and say 100 minus 30% 7% okay that's great but you still need to be able to multiply here going forward so now we're going to take that 70% and you'll see it over here Oh point seven zero times 0.8 why because our number two.

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