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So hello everybody this personality veterans law blog we are live here at the Cova conference here in San Antonio Texas a national organization of veterans advocates we are on day 75 if it's gone a million yeah right right we've had a couple of really great live broadcast here on Facebook we talked with a Patrick flicker a tdiu vocational evaluator plucky about helping you out on your cdiu claims and feels we had a chance to visit with for judge and guy that's pushing the BVA forward technologically James Ridgeway yesterday today I've got one of my favorite people and one of the other excuses it's on line here it's getting better enough W before I was well give or take yeah yeah he's a Air Force veteran we won't hold that against him but he has gone on to do a lot of work with vocational rehab or both rehab benefits as we're known yeah traumatic brain injury we're going to talk about all this stuff I'm going to let Ben share some of his expertise when I have questions about TBI I go to fan when I have books that have questions about voc rehab I send them to Ben and he's just a love a nice guy a really smart guy - Billy some people think so right well there's like crowd read at least a couple but no love loss for the VA so he fits in with our crowd here right in any event thank you for coming on band I appreciate ya thanks for having me yeah definitely so tell me um give me the background like how did you get into this business yeah so little background I am a disabled veteran myself and got out of the military after experiencing a traumatic brain injury and needing help and benefits for that didn't get the health and benefits I was supposed to receive and had me essentially research my own case over for so many years became a journalist and started to dig in that way using FOIA and other resources created a facebook forum called disabled veterans - chapter 31 voc rehab and started working with that on a regular basis to discuss voc rehab at this is around circa 2022 not a lot of information was out there and social media was kind of new people started out like to use Facebook and started to really develop a web presence and exposing some of the fraud waste and abuse within Department of Veterans Affairs and more specifically some of the false statements that voc rehab in particular but also other VA employees make to veterans on a regular basis so my big focus while I do help veterans now that I'm an attorney give benefits in that capacity and also help veterans secure settlements related to federal malpractice if that comes up I also dig in as journalists to expose some of the again fraud waste and abuse.

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